It all began one summer evening. As the sun set on a charming atelier in the nooks of Via Toscanella in Florence, Italy, an idea was coming to life within its four walls.

An emerging tribe of young achievers were on the rise. Dreaming with their eyes wide open, wind in their hair as they dance under the stars, braving storms in unchartered seas, winning conquests and hearts along the way.

The need of the hour: an accessory that could accompany these confident men and women as they face their urban adventures with effortless charm, cool confidence, and fearless spirit.

Inspired by their laurels, Fur Jaden was born.

As a token of admiration of this elite crowd, we craft signature pieces that are young, vibrant and fashionable, and yet a celebration of timeless style, luxe and sophistication.

We offer premium quality or nothing. The finer details of each seam, thread or buckle are obsessed over to deliver that perfect finish. The end product: thoughtful designs that are high on aesthetics and functionality.

In return, all we ask for is a glance of your discerning eyes, an indulgence of your senses, and a chance to be by your side as you conquer the world.

And the rest, as they say, will be history.