AirJams Pro True Wireless Earbuds

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Can I use AirJams Pro Earbuds individually to listen to music and to make calls?

Yes you can. AirJams Pro can be used in Mono as well as Dual modes. The Earbud which is removed from the charging case will connect automatically to your last connected bluetooth device such as phone/ laptop and start working seamlessly. Incase you want to shift to Dual mode then simply remove the other Earbud from the case and give it 2-3 seconds to connect to your bluetooth device and that will start working automatically as well. 

What all functions can I control using the touch sensors?

You can play/ pause, change tracks, adjust volume, summon voice assistant and answer/ reject calls using the touch sensors. Complete details are shared in the User Manual. 

How is the calling experience on AirJams Pro?

Both Earbuds come with individual HD Mics to ensure you have a crystal clear calling experience. Now you need not worry about complaints from friends and family about not being audible. 

Can I workout using the Bluetooth Earbuds?

Yes, AirJams Pro were designed keeping in mind your active lifestyle. Fitted with skin friendly silicon tips and weighing just 4 grams each, these Earbuds fit comfortable in your ears and do not slip or fall off. IPX5 Sweat & Water Resistance ensure you can break that sweat without worrying about damaging these Earphones. 

Do AirJams Pro come with Active Noise Cancellation?

No. These Earbuds do not come with Active Noise Cancellation. However, there is some basic environmental noise cancellation as the silicon tips create a vacuum once worn correctly. 

What is the use of extra silicon tips?

You get skin friendly silicon tips in 3 different sizes along with these Earbuds. The medium size is connected to the Earbuds and you get small and large separately in the box. Three sizes are provided as the ear size for each person is different and thus we recommend trying all sizes to find the perfect fitting tips for your ears. Choosing the correct fitting Earbuds are essential as they drastically enhance your music experience. 

What is Quick Sync Technology?

These Earbuds come with Quick Sync Technology to ensure super fast pairing between your Earphones and Bluetooth device. Earphones will automatically connect to the last connected device as soon as they are removed from the charging case. 


Which all phones are the AirJams Pro compatible with?

These Earbuds are compatible to all IPhones and Android phones. As long as the phone you are connecting to has Bluetooth, you can connect these Earbuds to them. 

Are these compatible with Laptops? 

Yes, AirJams Pro are compatible with all makes of Laptops. It connects seamlessly to Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc. 

Are these Earbuds compatible with Tablets?

Yes, AirJams Pro connect to all tablets as long as it supports Bluetooth. 


What is the battery life on the AirJams Pro? 

These Earbuds come with a mammoth battery life. On a single charge, you can get a music playtime of upto 8 Hours and a total playtime of 40 Hours including the charging case. For voice calls, please expect a reduced battery life of upto 6 Hours on a single charge. 

Do AirJams Pro support fast charge?

Yes, AirJams Pro support fast charge. A mere 10 minute charge can give you a playtime of approximately 2 Hours. 

How much time do the Earbuds take to fully charge?

The Earbuds get fully charged in approximately 50 minutes. 

How long does the charging case take to fully charge?

The charging case takes 90 minutes to fully charge. 

What is the utility of the battery LED display?

The intelligent LED battery display accurately shows you the available battery percentage in your charging case in real time. This way you are never caught off guard and are you can plan when to charge you case. The battery icons on the left and right side indicate whether or not the Earbuds are charging when put inside the case and do not indicate battery percentage in each Earbud. 

How do I check the battery level on the Earbuds?

You can check the battery level of the Earbuds on your smartphone. Go to the notification bar and look for the Bluetooth icon. You will find the battery percentage in that section. 

Can I charge the AirJams Pro charging case with any USB C-Type Wire?

Yes, you can use any USB C-Type wire to charge the case however we recommend using the charging cable provided in the box.