How to switch on the AirJams Pro?

The Earbuds automatically power on each time they are removed from the charging case. Similarly they power off automatically when placed back inside the charging case. Please ensure to close the lid on the charging case to power off. 

Can I manually switch on and switch off the Earbuds?

Yes you can. Press and hold the touch sensors on both the Earbuds for 5 seconds to manually power on and power off. You will hear the prompt "Power On" when they come on and "Power Off" when they switch off. 

How do I pair a new device to the AirJams Pro?

Switch on the Bluetooth on your smartphone/ laptop and ensure it is actively searching for new devices. Then open the charging case and remove the Earbuds. Once you see 'AirJams Pro' under new devices, click on it to pair it to your smartphone/ laptop. Next time, the Earbuds will automatically connect to your last connected device every time it is removed from the charging case provided the Bluetooth on your device is on. Detailed instructions are provided in the User Manual. 

Can I connect AirJams Pro to two bluetooth devices simultaneously?

No. You can only connect 1 device at a time to these Earbuds. Please disconnect them from the first device before trying to connect to a new device.